2019-20 Publications (July 2019 -- June 2020):

  • arXiv:1908.07626 Optimal Investment with Correlated Stochastic Volatility Factors by Maxim Bichuch, Jean-Pierre Fouque

  • arXiv:1907.04257 Systemic Optimal Risk Transfer Equilibrium by Francesca Biagini, Alessandro Doldi, Jean-Pierre Fouque, Marco Frittelli, Thilo Meyer-Brandis

2018-19 Publications (July 2018 -- June 2019):

  • The Effect of Rate Design on Power Distribution Reliability Considering Adoption of DERs by M. Heleno, M. Ludkovski and A. Maheshwari), submitted June 2019

  • Gaussian Process Models for Incremental Loss Ratios by M. Ludkovski, H. Zail, submitted, April 2019

  • Multi-Population Longevity Models: a Spatial Random Field Approach by N. Huynh, M. Ludkovski and H. Zail, submitted, April 2019

  • arXiv:1905.00358 Deep Learning Methods for Mean Field Control Problems with Delay by Jean-Pierre Fouque, Zhaoyu Zhang

  • arXiv:1905.00107 Statistical Learning for Probability-Constrained Stochastic Optimal Control by Alessandro Balata, Michael Ludkovski, Aditya Maheshwari, Jan Palczewski

  • Capital Allocation Techniques: Review and Comparison by Guo, Q., Bauer, D., Zanjani, G, submitted, April 2019 

  • arXiv:1903.05045  Stochastic Volterra integral equations and a class of first order stochastic partial differential equations by Fred Espen Benth, Nils Detering, Paul Kruehner 

  • arXiv:1902.06883  Multiscale Asymptotic Analysis for Portfolio Optimization under Stochastic Environment by Jean-Pierre Fouque, Ruimeng Hu

  • An Integrated Model for Fire Sales and Default Contagion by N. Detering, T. Meyer-Brandis, K. Panagiotou, D. Ritter, submitted, 2019

  • ssrn:3282465 Better Betas by Lisa Goldberg, Alex Papanicolaou, Alex Shkolnik, submitted, 2018

  • arXiv:1809.01336  Multilinear processes in Banach space by Fred Espen Benth, Nils Detering, Paul Kruhner

  • arXiv:1807.09897 Dynamic Contagion in a Banking System with Births and Defaults by Tomoyuki Ichiba, Michael Ludkovski, Andrey Sarantsev

  • arXiv:1807.06712 Evaluating Gaussian Process Metamodels and Sequential Designs for Noisy Level Set Estimation by Xiong Lyu, Mickael Binois, Michael Ludkovski

  • arXiv:1807.04795 Mean Field Game with Delay: a Toy Model by Jean-Pierre Fouque, Zhaoyu Zhang

  • arXiv:1807.03893 Stochastic Switching Games by Liangchen Li, Michael Ludkovski

  • arXiv:1807.00095 Probabilistic Bisection with Spatial Metamodels by Sergio Rodriguez, Mike Ludkovski

  • Suffocating Fire Sales by N. Detering, T. Meyer-Brandis, K. Panagiotou, D. Ritter, submitted, 2018

  • Different Shades of Risk: Mortality Trends Implied by Term Insurance Prices by D Bauer, Q. Guo,  to Appear in North American Actuarial Journal, 2018 

2017-18 Publications (July 2017 -- June 2018):

  • arxiv:1805.01962 : Directed Chain Stochastic Differential Equations by Nils Detering, Jean-Pierre Fouque, Tomoyuki Ichiba

  • arXiv:1804.07392 : Optimal investment with transient price impact by Peter Bank, Moritz Voss

  • arXiv:1804.03002 : Portfolio Optimization under Fast Mean-reverting and Rough Fractional Stochastic Environment by Jean-Pierre Fouque, Ruimeng Hu

  • arXiv:1803.11309 : Simulation Methods for Stochastic Storage Problems: A Statistical Learning Perspective by Michael Ludkovski, Aditya Maheshwari

  • arXiv:1803.08169 : Financial Contagion in a Generalized Stochastic Block Model by Nils Detering, Thilo Meyer-Brandis, Konstantinos Panagiotou, and Daniel Ritter

  • arXiv:1803.09898 : On Fairness of Systemic Risk Measures by Francesca Biagini, Jean-Pierre Fouque, Marco Frittelli, Thilo Meyer-Brandis

  • arXiv:1712.03468 : Two numerical methods to evaluate stop-loss premiums by Pierre-Olivier Goffard, Patrick J. Laub

  • arXiv:1711.00843  Generalized Probabilistic Bisection for Stochastic Root-Finding by Sergio Rodriguez, Michael Ludkovski

  • hal-01716687 : Fraud risk assessment within blockchain transactions by Pierre-Olivier Goffard

  • arXiv:1710.05204 : Sequential Design and Spatial Modeling for Portfolio Tail Risk Measurement by Michael Ludkovski, James Risk

  • arXiv:1710.05131 : Mean Field Game Approach to Production and Exploration of Exhaustible Commodities by Michael LudkovskiXuwei Yang

  • arXiv:1710.03206 : Replication or exploration? Sequential design for stochastic simulation experiments by Mickael Binois, Jiangeng Huang, Robert B Gramacy, Mike Ludkovski

  • arXiv:1710.01845 :  Exponential convergence rate of ruin probabilities for level-dependent Lévy-driven risk processes by Pierre-Olivier GoffardAndrey Sarantsev

  • arXiv:1709.07098 : Talagrand Concentration Inequalities for Stochastic Partial Differential Equations by Davar Khoshnevisan, Andrey Sarantsev

  • arXiv:1708.01918 : Brownian Particles with Rank-Dependent Drifts: Out-of-Equilibrium Behavior by Manuel Cabezas, Amir Dembo, Andrey Sarantsev, Vladas Sidoravicius

  • arXiv:1708.02715 : Order Flows and Limit Order Book Resiliency on the Meso-Scale by Kyle BechlerMichael Ludkovski

  • arXiv:1707.03542 :   A Model of Interbank Flows, Borrowing, and Investing by Aditya MaheshwariAndrey Sarantsev

  • arXiv:1707.01600 : Option Pricing with Delayed Information by Tomoyuki Ichiba, Seyyed Mostafa Mousavi

2016-17 Publications (Jan 2016 -- June 2017):